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Have you been looking for a knowledgeable company to build your bespoke wet kit? Then look no further! Our wet kits are available in various different options to suit your application requirements. Hydraulic wet kits are the main components that allow truck applications to operate. Used on a variety of truck applications including walking floors, tippers, cranes and recovery vehicles.

Designed to deliver top performance, our hydraulic wet kits are not only recognised for their quality but also their ease of installation. This article will explain what a wet kit can consist of, and what questions our sales engineers will ask in order to spec your bespoke kit.

What does a hydraulic wet kit consist of?

There are many different hydraulic components that make up a wet kit, but the main products are:

3 simple questions we will ask in order to spec:

  1. What is your truck application?
  2. What is your gear box type?
  3. What is your flow & pressure requirement?

Answering these 3 simple questions will allow our sales engineers to specify what pump and PTO you require to ensure the correct flow and pressure for your application type. Our wide range of pumps and PTOs include manufactures Parker Hannifin and Hydro Leduc, some of the world leaders in hydraulic components.

Why choose BSP?

With a combined experience of over 150 years, our sales engineers really know their stuff, and can easily spec your application with just a few simple questions. Our wet kits are designed to occupy minimal space, and our high-quality components are assured to give you reliable performance throughout. BSP have a wide variety of pumps, PTOs, valves and hydraulic tanks available from stock for next day delivery.

Contact us today or call 01924 332491 to start building your wet kit!