Piston Accumulator

Hydro Leduc offer a range of Piston Accumulators, all of which are designed with a high mechanical resistance forged steel body. The fluid-gas separating piston is equipped with seals adapted to the fluids to convey and the operating pressures. The AP range can be fitted with a charging screw or a charging valve and are suitable for hydraulic circuits. The AP (L) Accumulators are designed to be able to withstand very high volumetric ratios, to ensure total and rapid discharge of fluid. They are designed to be in assembly in any position and have easy adaption for use with different fluids and temperatures.



  • Available in APL 250 bar & 350 bar
  • Extreme operating temperature
  • Standard version: – 20°C to + 80°C
  • Nitrogen filling gas only
  • Two charging versions available


  • Industrial
  • Mobile