XPI Series

The XPI series is a compact size pump, which means that together with its technology it can be installed in applications with little space available. The XPI series is able to deliver a continuous peak pressure of 420 bar and it can provide maximum speeds of 1750 to 3150 rpm. One of the main advantages of the XPI series, fixed displacement bent axis design pump is that it has ease of rotation so it is able to automatically set to the required direction of rotation. Meaning that mounting and start up is easier than ever before!



  • 10 models ranging from 12 to 130 cc/rev
  • Fixed displacement pump
  • 420 bar peak pressure
  • Maximum speed from 1750 to 3150 rpm
  • Dual direction of rotation
  • Pump automatically sets to required direction of rotation
  • Mounting and start up is easier than ever before!
  • 7 Piston design
  • Innovative plate
  • Reinforced sealing


  • Mobile
  • Truck


  • Cranes
  • Lorry cranes
  • Refuse vehicles
  • Truck mobile equipment