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BSP Hydraulics Ltd offers a wide range of Hydraulic tanks in steel or aluminium from 30 litres to 300 litres capacity, suitable for Wet Kit applications.

BSP Hydraulics Ltd provide complete Wet Kits for bulk tipping applications, walking floors, cranes, car transporters and recovery vehicles. We offer a high quality 200 Litre slim line rear mount alloy tank which, can be supplied separately or in our Wet Kit package. Chassis mount and rear mount tank options are also available in the Wet Kit package, together with various PTO and pump options to meet the application requirements.

We also stock a variety of Side and Rear Mounted tanks and also tanks on Chassis; we supply all the different sizes available so we are sure to meet your fitting requirements. The tanks range from 10 litres to 200 litres, and are available in aluminium, plastic, stainless steel and standard grey-painted steel.

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